Under Construction - South Central PA Ministry Update

Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

Much to share about the Christian Scholar Series and the work at PSU-Hershey with the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/Christian Medical and Dental Associations, some is in the fiscal year end fund development letter. More coming, stay tuned . . .

IVCF/Groshes: 2015 End of Fiscal Year (June 30), $20,000 Gap

Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

Note: Available in PDF.

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PSU-Hershey CMS/CMDA Interview

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we come to the close of another academic year of encouraging and equipping the next generation of culture makers, with a focus upon healthcare and higher education, we rejoice in your partnership through prayer, encouragement, volunteer work (including brainstorming!), and financial support.

Laura (MD), one of over a dozen graduating students who were actively involved in our local ministry with The Christian Medical Society (CMS)/Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) at Penn State University's College of Medicine, writes regarding the importance of CMS/CMDA:


The stress and grueling nature of medical school often causes medical students to question his or her identity. CMS/CMDA has been fundamental to helping me maintain my identity in Christ through interaction with Christian community leaders, as well as creating Christian community on the Hershey campus.

Amanda (PhD), an Emerging Scholar who defended in the fall and just completed her first year as a member of the founding faculty team of Liberty University's College of Osteopathic Medicine, offers these reflections on the value of our ministry: 

 Amanda with girls

Tom's supportive. More than anything we as students need someone trustworthy and approachable to provide a support system. He is open about his life and its difficulties, which shows strength of character and faith that many are lacking. Despite the hardships, he has not lost faith and is constantly looking for new ways to serve. Without others supporting Tom, he cannot continue his ministry of working with students and helping them find firm footing.

How can you partner with us to deepen and expand the reach of these labors?

  • Prayer for students, faculty, and healthcare professionals to embrace the gospel and the call to care in all areas of their lives, especially in their fields of study and vocations.
  • Partnership in providing resources for students as they discern and take next steps.
  • Supporting this kingdom work through our personal ministry budget ($100,000). As we approach fiscal year end (June 30), we wait upon the Lord's provision of $20,000.
  • Investing in the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN). In 2014 we took a leap of faith and hired Hannah Eagleson to edit Scholar's Compass, http://bit.ly/ScholarsCompass. With Hannah's unique talents of writing, editing, networking, brainstorming, and understanding the world of academia, ESN has thrived. ESN also requires $15,000 (June 30) to underwrite the first phase of this ministry expansion.

Hannah and Tom

  • Michael (PhD student, Systematic Theology), an Emerging Scholar with whom I largely connect online (and writes for the blog) shares:


The life of a graduate student can be a solitary existence at times -- hours spent reading and doing research in a library or a lab. This is especially true for those who want to enter the academy as Christians and want to bring a decidedly Christian view of truth and vocation to their work. We are often left to our own thoughts about what that even is supposed to look like. We need the discipleship which can be found in a community of fellow scholars with whom we can think about these issues together. ESN provides us this community of scholars -- a community of established and up-and-coming scholars who are working together to help each other think through what it means to glorify God in the world of academia.

Please prayerfully consider . . .

whether or not you can give toward our $20,000 personal ministry budget gap (https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate/to/Tom_Grosh) and/or $15,000 of the first part of ESN's ministry expansion (https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate/to/ESN). Focusing solely on these numbers is overwhelming, but as we have had confirmed year after year our God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine! We place our confidence in Him for his provision.

To God be the glory!

Day-by-Day by His Grace,

Tom Grosh IV
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Associate Director of Emerging Scholars Network

http://www.emergingscholars.org, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/, https://www.facebook.com/emergingscholars/, http://twitter.com/esnivcf

Associate Staff with Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) for the Christian Medical Society (CMS) at Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, http://pennstatecms.wordpress.com

Our Mission: To establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities that follow Jesus.

Our Vision: To see students and faculty transformed. Campuses renewed. World changers developed.


The bigger the change we hope for, the longer we must be willing to invest, work for, and wait for it.

-- 2015 Andy Crouch, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling (InterVarsity Press, 2008)


Under Construction - Seminary

Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

I'm on the home stretch of a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation with Evangelical Theological Seminary and have started a Doctor of Ministry with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Ministry to the Emerging Generations. Much to share, stay tuned.

Under Construction - Family

Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

Hard to keep up with The Sound of Music, pole-vaulting, Naptime Inspirations, gymnastics, the Emerging Scholars Network, and much more. Stay tuned for a summer relaunch of Groshlink. . . .

Under Construction - Eden

Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

Eden has been making incredible advances this year and we're really looking forward to some next steps this summer. Stay tuned to learn more during our summer relaunch of Groshlink . . . 

Pilgrimage: Life of a Pilgrim on Campus

Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

Pilgrimage: Life of a Pilgrim on Campus is the concluding piece of Jamie Noyd's Scholar’s Compass series on Pilgrimage. Related: Resources focused on the graduate school journey. Help ESN Create a Devotional for Scholars.