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Posted by tom | May 24, 2015

Hard to keep up with The Sound of Music, pole-vaulting, Naptime Inspirations, gymnastics, the Emerging Scholars Network, and much more. Stay tuned for a summer relaunch of Groshlink. . . .

Santa Claus on the ESN Blog

Posted by tom | Dec 26, 2013

Santa Claus. The topic of an Emerging Scholars Network Blog Science in Review for "believers". Click here to enjoy the consideration of the topic :)

ESN Blog: Babies and Bethlehem

Posted by tom | Dec 13, 2013

Babies and Bethlehem* by the Urban Resident spoke to me strongly. No doubt part of this is due to the loss of our family's first daughter, Elise Faith** and our labors with future health care professionals with the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA at Penn State College of Medicine.

What a joy to celebrate that God is truly present with us each and every step of life (and death), with a deep and rich understanding of what it means to be "one of us".

What a great hope to look forward to the return of Jesus the Christ . . . to the rebirth of the creation, i.e., the new heavens and the new earth. Come, Lord Jesus! Come! To God be the glory!

*Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 12/13/2013, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/2013/12/babies-and-bethlehem/

**God at Work Testimony (6/19/2011) by Theresaÿ, http://groshlink.net/archives/2011/06/20/god-at-work-testimony.

ESN Blog: The First Thanksgiving

Posted by tom | Nov 28, 2013

The First Thanksgiving: What Makes Good History?* At the very least don't miss the animated short of Timmy's exploration of "The First Thanksgiving" -- my kids love it :)

Yes, I am encouraging you to take the time to intentionally "set the table" for larger conversations regarding who we are, where we came from, and where we're headed. Let's press on in establishing a proper relationship to the "real story" of Thanksgiving and the Big Story of God's work in the midst of this important celebration which spills over into Advent. Don't let Black Friday (and it's push against both celebrations) disrupt the joy and beauty of drawing close to the One who reigns over all of creation and came to us as a baby in order to sacrifice His life to be our Savior. To God be the glory!

Note 1: "Loving God in the Flesh in the Real World" by Thomas B. Grosh IV, http://esn.intervarsity.org/resource/loving-god-flesh-real-world.
Note 2: "Thanksgiving" on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/tag/thanksgiving/.
Note 3: "Advent" on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/tag/advent/. Stay tuned for our 2013 series.

*Thomas B. Grosh IV. Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 11/28/2013.

1st Week of School

Posted by tom | Sep 6, 2013

A quick note to share that so far the first week of school has been great! What an amazing joy to have even our youngest board the bus . . . Hard to believe.

Although they're all a little tired in the afternoon/evening and there has been more transportation concerns with the oldest running cross country and the youngest requiring pick-up, the transition has been good. Your prayers, encouragement, and support are a gift. Thank-you. To God be the glory!

Back from Joni & Friends Family Camp

Posted by tom | Jul 5, 2013

Family Photo with friends at Joni CampWe rejoice in your prayers for our family as we journeyed to/from and participated in our second annual Joni & Friends Family Camp. This year the theme "Press On!" was supplimented by race car driving theme -- we even watched "Cars" on an outdoor inflatable screen, the younger ones siting with popcorn and icees in cars made out of cardboard boxes!

The children were fully engaged by well planned, Christ-centered activities and helpers (included in the photo) throughout the whole week. No doubt it helped our time this year that Theresa and I had a much better sense of the limits of family members, including our own, when engaged in such a full week :) 

Still catching up on some 2012-2013 year end closure for InterVarsity, none-the-less hoping to go to Joni & Friends Family Camp at Spruce Lake next year. I'm particularly excited that Spruce Lake's new facility will provide incredible access/services for those with disabiltites. Their continued partnership with Joni & Friends is blessing. To God be the glory! 

"I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." -- Philippians 3:14 (NIV). 

To Joni & Friends Family Camp '13

Posted by tom | Jun 24, 2013

Summer 2012. Photo by & courtesy of Marci Weidler, Circle of Life Photography.Pray for our family as we journey to and participate in our second annual Joni & Friends Family Camp. Pray especially for our children to engage well through out the days . . . particularly as they add up to a week.

Last year we found great joy and refreshment in the Christ-centered time with families, friends (including not only new ones, but some surprising opportunity for deeper connections!), and the large support team. Pray for the camp leaders and support team to have insight/strength for all they'll navigate during this full week.

Note: Photo by and courtesy of Marci Weidler, Circle of Life Photography. She took the photo at last year's Joni & Friends Family Camp. Hoping for an opportunity for a new family photo. Stay tuned :)

Joy Run and Creation Care Conversation with the twins

Posted by tom | Apr 23, 2013

A farm in the neighborhood. Taken on the Joy Run with the twins.

"It's better to live lives of joy, lives of neighborly care, lives full of what St John calls agape, or nurturing love, than to live lives constricted by fear. My gratitude goes out to everyone who ran with me, and to the reporters who covered it, and to all people everywhere, who bring joy to the world." -- Excerpt from "Joy Run" (David O'Hara. Slowly Percolating Forms. 4/22/2013).

Comment: Yes, on Sunday in Lancaster County, PA, I too joyfully got out of the house and ran with two of my girls (teenage twins). It had been the first time in a long time that I ran. What a joy to just step out the front door and run :) Yes, I should do this more often with interested parties.

I took the opportunity to discuss with my girls a life filled with the love and joy of God instead of fear when living life in the face of events such as what happened last week in Boston.* One of the twins was still with me to turn around at the landfill on our road, of which we receive a constant reminder by the regular stream of trash trucks going past our front door -- good to run on their "off day"! The landfill brought up the topic of the junk of our lives (multiple levels) and Creation Care**, digging deeper into good soil as we moved from the landfill to farms.

It's a good thing we discussed Creation Care. On Monday evening I learned that Earth Day still hasn't made to the screen of our school district. I remember when I was in high school and a group of us pushed to make Creation Care a concern.*** Maybe the time has come to once again be an advocate in the school district. Whatever the situation in your neighborhood/community, if you missed the opportunity to run and/or discuss these topics earlier this week, I encourage you to start the race. To God be the glory!

PS. Thank-you to David (Joy Run) and Dorothy (Creation Care) for their inspiration!

PPS. Related post: Honoring LU Lingzi. Encountering Evil. Joy Run. (4/19/2013).

*Click here for some reflections from InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty staff from Boston who share on the Emerging Scholars Network blog.

**Click here for a helpful piece from the National Association of Evangelicals and here for some pertinent InterVarsity Press books at 30% off :)

***As some of you know (even remember), Creation Care was a significant part of the inspiration of my study of Biology at Grove City College. I should "un-earth" some of the photos from that "era," particularly with Marietta Day only a few weeks away :)

Elise Faith. God at Work Testimony

Posted by tom | Mar 5, 2013

Our first daughter Elise Faith was born 17 weeks early on March 3, 1999. What a joy to have cared for Elise Faith for eight days in Mercy Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Yesterday, during a brief time of rest and quiet, I was reminded of a "God at Work Testimony,"  shared by Theresa at Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church (6/19/2011) and posted the link on Facebook.This morning I thought it would be good to remind Groshlink followers of the post.

May you find these words a blessing during the mundane of daily life and rejoice with us in the shared life (and memories/stories) of who have gone before us as we eagerly await the new heaven and new earth. To God be the glory!

Recipe: Pickled Beets

Posted by tom | Mar 4, 2013

A friend on Facebook asked Theresa for a pickled beets recipe, so I thought I'd share the wealth of a a favorite of mine :)

Cook, peel and slice the beets.

The recommended raspberry vinegar is "Maitre Jacques Rasp. French Wine Vinegar, but you can use any brand.

Syrup: 2 cups sugar, 1 c. water, 2 bottles vinegar.

Mix together and heat to dissolve sugar.

Now this recipe is for 12-15 medium sized beets and 2 dozen hard boiled eggs. So adjust the proportions for the amount of beets you have (and minus the eggs). Use just enough syrup to cover the beets.

The beets are best after they sit for a day or 2.

Super Bowl Prep

Posted by tom | Feb 3, 2013

I watched and discussed “Killing Us Softly 4 – Trailer [Featuring Jean Kilbourne],” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWKXit_3rpQ, with my teen daughters. I’ve emphasized in ministry (including our household) that one becomes an adult somewhere between the age of 12 and 13.

Our family didn’t watch the Super Bowl or attend a Super Bowl Party. Yes, I’ve done such in the past as a bridgebuilder/outreach, especially when in Pittsburgh with the Steelers in the Super Bowl :) Yes, my teenage girls gave it a look every now and then, but they didn’t find the game of much interest (even the Half Time Show) — except the Facebook chatter about “the loss of power.”

Adam's A Letter to My Eight-Year-Old Daughter on Super Bowl Sunday inspires me to brain storm and propose some alternative/related Culture Making opportunities . . .

"One More Day" (David M. Bailey) -- A Birthday Song

Posted by tom | Jan 17, 2013

If you haven't listened to One More Day (or haven't done such for some time), I encourage you to celebrate my birthday with me by taking a moment to do such. If you desire to learn a little more of how "One More Day" frames my day, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read my "Spiritual Autobiography," http://groshlink.net/gallery/1/Spiritual%20Autobiography2.pdf.

What a privilege and joy to serve as part of InterVarsity's Emerging Scholars Network and the Christian Medical & Dental Associations labors at Penn State Hershey Medical's Christian Medical Society. Each and every person involved (directly and as part of the support network) is and is part of an amazing work of God throughout the whole day. To God be the glory!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Posted by tom | Dec 18, 2012

As you know I'm typically a fan of Sufjan Stevens' Christmas work, but the puppetry in various video releases, e.g., Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" [Track 7/9, Vol. 9], aren't my style. So if you're still thinking of Christmas gifts, maybe it would be best to stick with audio . . .

P.S. Sufjan Returns to Fill the House with Christmas Songs (Thomas B. Grosh IV. Groshlink. 12/26/2008).

A model home set to music. Enjoy a "White Christmas"

Posted by tom | Dec 11, 2012

Join our family in enjoying a 'model home set to music,' http://www.facebook.com/v/10151532266974688 ;) Is this an economic indicator (see Rosemarie Emanuele's Math Geek Mom: Neighborhood Lights. 12/6/2012)? Do you and/or your neighbors have lights up AND to what degree? These questions are reminding me of Christmas Vacation. I'll be getting that film out next week.

"Ode to Joy" in orchestral Flash Mob style

Posted by tom | Dec 10, 2012

This video started our family's new day and week. We celebrate and embrace extending the peace which Christ brings. Please join us :) To God be the glory! HT: Harriet Sider Bicksler.

Hear All Creation

Posted by tom | Nov 24, 2012

Hear All Creation (Keith & Kristyn Getty)* came to head/heart this morning. Our family enjoyed singing along. I pass along to you as a blessing. To God be the glory!

*Included in "With Thanksgiving" (Tom Grosh IV. ESN Blog. 11/24/2010, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/2010/11/with-thanksgiving/).

Culture-making: Running "Marathon Sandy"

Posted by tom | Nov 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief

"We are not going to let anybody go sleeping in the streets or go without blankets, but it's a challenge, and we're working on that as fast as we can." -- Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, on thousands of people left homeless after the storm" (Quotation of the Day. NY Times. 11/5/2012).

A good, tough report on a "Culture-Making" way of running through the Five Boroughs. . . .

". . . On nearby Fox Beach Road, three bodies were found after the waters receded, including a man and his 20-year-old son who were found in one another’s embrace. 'My God, the marathoners,' said one relative of the father and son who died, before pausing to control his emotions. He did not want to give his name, he said, because the shock of the deaths was simply too raw, and he did not want his relatives to see their names in the newspaper. 'What they’ve done here is overwhelming,' he said of the runners who volunteered. 'Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.' . . .

'We had our marathon today,' said Ceresa DiTalia, a runner in that group. 'But it was just more of an emotional one.'" -- Runners Embrace Chance to Help Residents Recover (Juliet Macur and Steve Eder. NY Times. 11/5/2012).

Yes, some ran the "Sandy Marathon" for variety of reasons, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/05/sports/tranquillity-not-cheers-or-hordes-line-new-york-city-marathon-route.html . . .

Still processing my response to Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin's comment, "This is a game," Tomlin added. "What happened here is life and reality" (Isaac Redman has 147 yards, late TD as Steelers end Giants' streak. ESPN. 11/4/2012).* Yes, the win/loss of the game hardly compares to the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Furthermore, there is a difference between a marathon winding through the Five Boroughs and a Steelers-Giants football game at MetLife Stadium. Yet, I don't want to loose that playing a game, attending a game, choosing to have a game is life and reality . . . it was for those who chose to run "Marathon Sandy" in a variety of forms AND those who were their fans/critics.

As our family tries to join the cleanup marathan on small ways, please continue to let us know small ways to help out. Hope for New York: Hurricane Sandy Relief and sending winter coats has come to me with the strong recommendation.

*A longer quote from Big Ben: "There are so many bigger things going on around here that what we do is not as important as real life," Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said Sunday after throwing for two touchdowns in a 24-20 comeback victory. "My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone else who are going through so much. There were so many emotions going on, I didn't know what to expect from it. But maybe we were able to take their minds off their problems just a little."

Note: A collation of material from my Facebook Wall.

Giving Praise Again . . . 2nd Day in a Row :)

Posted by tom | Oct 19, 2012

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations." -- Psalm 100:4-5 (ESV).

Response: As we come to the end of a full week, join me in embracing his steadfast love, faithfulness, provision, direction, and sustenance. Furthermore join me in giving thanks to God for the gift of the Way, the Truth, the Life through Jesus the Christ! Feel free in the comments to give testimony and share your praises right here :)

Comment: This post was inspired by my morning reading of "VeggieTales: 365 Day Starter Devos for Girls" with one of my daughters. I desired to turn the page to a reflection upon "Stop and Think." But my daughter wanted to re-read, "Always Count Your Blessings" (Psalm 100:4-5).

For some reason she didn't remember reading "Always Count Your Blessings" yesterday. Maybe the blessings our family shared afterward fill her memory. Why not give another morning focused on giving praise to God for his blessing and pray for the opportunities we have to be a blessing to others as 'little Christs?" I pass this encouragement onto you as you return to your labors. May you do them with joy and as a service to the Lord, knowing that it is God who sustains you in the vocation to which he has called you to be a blessing to others as 'little Christ.' To God be the glory! ~ Tom

IVCF/Groshes: 2012 October Prayer Calendar

Posted by tom | Oct 4, 2012

Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior. But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation — if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.” — Colossians 1:21-23 (NIV)

The 2012 October Prayer Calendar is posted below (click to enlarge). Your prayers, encouragement, and support in ministry are much appreciated. 

2012 October Prayer Calendar Page 1

2012 October Prayer Calendar page 2

A little bit more . . . (More)

Country Music Fan?

Posted by tom | Aug 12, 2012

Yes, there is "Cash" in the house -- at least in the movie and book form :) Kasey Chambers, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRFZ2uOD4mk, isn't bad either. When we have a free moment I think that Theresa and I will have fun discussing God and Country Music: “I Like Johnny Cash, but I don’t like Country Music” (Nick Rynerson. Christ & Pop Culture. 5/15/2012). Are you a fan of country music? If so, would love to hear what artists I should give a try . . .

Olympics: No8 Eric Liddell's 400 metres win, 1924

Posted by tom | Jul 26, 2012

Did you know Scotland didn't have another track Gold medal until 1980? Did you know Eric Liddell was the first person born in China to win an Olympic gold medal on the track (second in 2004) and has been held in great honor in China? Note: China didn't participate in the Olympics until 1952 and it was quite a stir with the struggle for power. 

I have read that in relationship to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing that the Chinese authorities shared the news of Liddell refusing an opportunity to leave the camp during a British-Japanese prisoner exchange, giving his place to a pregnant woman. Apparently this was a previously unknown story, even to the family, but very much an extension of the service he offered as a missionary to the prison camp where he died due to a brain tumor. Note: His wife and children had taken refuge in Canada.

I really appreciated reading 50 stunning Olympic moments: No8 Eric Liddell's 400 metres win, 1924 (Guardian) and visiting The Eric Liddell Centre after watching Chariots of Fire with Theresa and the twins last night (7/25/2012).

Wish I had time for "Moonrise Kingdom" (2012)

Posted by tom | Jul 7, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) has caught my attention. Has it caught yours? Maybe it was conversation about the importance of family at Joni & Friends Camp. Maybe it was the adjustments after returning from camp and preparing for the rest of the summer. Maybe it is my daily journey with families at our local congregation, in the health care professions (including educational process), and Emerging Scholars.

If you've seen Moonrise Kingdom, let me know if it's worth my attention later in the summer/early fall when I have restored some control over my schedule AND I have time to be away from family to enjoy such a film conversation with my wife Theresa.

FYI: The Moviegoer: “Moonrise Kingdom” and the Covenant Ties that Bind (Nick Olson Christ and Pop Culture. 7/2/2012).

Celebrating the life & ministry of Ralph Ginder

Posted by tom | Jul 6, 2012

Ralph G. GinderToday the Ginders will gather to celebrate the life and ministry of Ralph G. Ginder, see obituary posted here.

Last Tuesday, Theresa posted on Facebook, "My Grandpa Ginder passed away this afternoon. And I had a personal tribute in my heart to him around the campfire tonight at [Joni & Friends] camp as we sang "I'll Fly Away", "It is Well with My Soul", and "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder". My earliest memories of him are from when we lived in NY and would visit him in PA, watching him start every morning with his Bible open as he ate his breakfast."

What a joy to celebrate Ralph's life, ministry, and journey to "God's celestial shore." To God be the glory!

Celebration on the 4th of July

Posted by tom | Jul 5, 2012

When Celebration (Kool & the Gang. 1980) rang out last night at A Capitol Fourth, I realized that it had been a long time since I'd listened to popular music . . . do you consider Celebration a timeless piece? Gotta love this video, brings back the memories ;)

A tribute to Grandpa Ginder

Posted by theresa | Jun 27, 2012

Happy 69th anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa Ginder! June 19, 2012.My Grandpa Ginder passed away yesterday afternoon. And I had a personal tribute in my heart to him around the campfire last night at Joni & Friends Camp as we sang "I"ll Fly Away", "It is Well with My Soul", and "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder". My earliest memories of him are from when we lived in NY and would visit him in PA, watching him start every morning with his Bible open as he ate his breakfast.

Note: To left is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Ginder's 69th Anniversary (June 19, 2012).

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