IVMF-GCC Outreach

Posted by tom | Apr 4, 2011

Having just returned from 'the Grove,' where I partnered with Jade ('10, First Year Medical Student at PSU-Hershey Medical Center, President of Penn State Hershey Christian Medical Society/CMDA), the email from the current IVMF-GCC staff (Paul Hassell) caught my attention. 

Pray for the chapter as they

  • start outreach to GCC with proxe stations at the two dining halls and the union.
  • sell raffle tickets to help women in Mali Africa.
  • host prayer vigil for the next 40 hours and a joint meeting with a documentary film on slavery.

Pray that God will meet students and help them both engage the issue but also think more deeply about our broken world and what the kingdom calls them to in response to his love and grace. Pray for the lost students that are good at hiding out at GCC, that the gospel will find them.

An April Fool returns to the Grove in the snow for pre-meds!

Posted by tom | Apr 1, 2011

A 'there and back again' one day trip to Grove City College in an April snowstorm.  Why? 

An email from a pre-med student on behalf of others seeking

to organize an event to inform students about the ministry of the Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA) and to give them a better idea of what medical school looks like from the perspective of students, as well as to give a broader perspective of global needs in medicine if at all possible. 

Some of the questions on the table include:

  • How should I prepare for my MCAT? 
  • How do I navigate the application process?  
  • What is Medical School like from the inside?  How can I reach out well to a secular campus?  
  • Are there Christian organizations I can be involved with as a Medical student?

After some delays, the project came together over the course of the past several days.  I have the opportunity to take the trip with Jade ('10), who is the incoming President of the Penn State Hershey Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA. Why do we share enthusiasm for the endeavor?  Because each member of the new CMS leadership team, including Jade, expressed their appreciation for the hospitality of CMS and their desire to extend such care to the next class [and some rich friendships in the Grove which are hard to stay away from].  I'll post some of the medical student responses to the above questions in future post, but here's a teaser from a 3rd year (and an alumnus of Grove City College): (More)

ESN Blog Post on Mary Poplin's Visit

Posted by tom | Mar 4, 2011

Looking to learn more about Mary Poplin's (Professor in the School of Educational Studies, Claremont Graduate University) "tour" and how members of higher education can by God's grace have a redemptive touch not only on campus but also in the home?  Read “Finding Our Calcutta” on Campus (Thomas B. Grosh IV. ESN Blog Post. 3/3/2011). Also enjoy the pictures here.  Teaser: Mary with Heather.  Mary presenting to 65+ at PSU-Hershey Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA on 3/1/2011.

Mary Poplin takes time to visit with Heather. Mary Poplin presents to PSU-Hershey Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA. 65+ in attendance. Thank-you to the Seekers Fellowship Group of Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ for providing the food.

ESN Blog Posts on Mary Poplin's Visit

Posted by tom | Feb 25, 2011

Mary Poplin speaks at CMU 

I'm packing in preparation to help out with Mary Poplin's (Professor of Education, Claremont Graduate University, & author of Finding Calcutta:  What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service) visit to Pittsburgh.  To learn more check out my two most recent posts on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 

Please continue to pray for safe travel, good health, and clear articulation of the call of God. If you’re local to one of these gatherings, please join us. I’ll provide links to audio/video of various presentations when they are available :-)

8/21-22 Pittsburgh Visit

Posted by tom | Jul 18, 2010

For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. -- II Corinthians 5:14-15, NIV

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lord willing, our whole family will visit Pittsburgh August 21-22.  The purpose of the visit will be to share how God has led/cared for our family during a long transition in ministry/family life and give praise for God's continuing provision for the work to which He has called us.  Note:  We ended the year with a shortfall of $5,318 to be addressed in the 2010-2011 by adding this amount to the $92,000 which we're budgeted to raise in the coming fiscal year.  At the beginning of July, we received a $2,000 gift to address the shortfall, leaving the number at $3,318.  God provides through His people through His means, His timing.  We wait upon Him.  To God be the glory!

Back to the visit ... we're still developing the itinerary.  At present it appears that we'll have:

  • 8/21 evening:  informal gathering to share vision, updates, financial concerns. Time/location in process.  Maybe 4:30 pm in the Highland Park area.
  • 8/22:  local congregation in Pittsburgh

Please email me to let me know if you're available

  1. to connect by appointment on Saturday during the day
  2. to participate in an informal update gathering on Saturday evening

More information coming shortly.  For those in Pittsburgh, stay tuned :-)

One more day by the grace of God alone,

Thomas B. Grosh IV
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Graduate & Faculty Ministry

For Tom & Theresa's work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, direct gifts to "InterVarsity Christian Fellowship" P.O. Box 7895, Madison, WI 53707-7895.  Please enclose a separate piece of paper indicating that the gift is for the work of "Tom Grosh."  On-line giving available at www.intervarsity.org/donate/to/Tom_Grosh

6/26-27 Pittsburgh Visit

Posted by tom | Jun 10, 2010

Note: A version of this letter was sent via email.  For more information request information by email, phone, or posting a comment. 

For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. -- II Corinthians 5:14-15, NIV

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lord willing, I will visit Pittsburgh June 26-27.  The purpose of the visit will be to share how God has led/cared for our family during a long transition in ministry/family life and the importance of addressing our $15,000 fiscal year end shortfall (6/30 year) as we seek to

The current itinerary for my visit:

  • 6/26 evening:  informal gathering to share vision, updates, financial concerns. Time/location tba.
  • 6/27, 9:40 am - 1 pm  Allegheny Center CMA, http://www.acac.net/.  Meet/greet/chat.  Details to tba.

Please email me to let me know if you're available

1.  to connect by appointment on Saturday during the day or Sunday in the afternoon
2.  to participate in an informal update gathering on Saturday evening
3.  (for those who are members of Allegheny Center CMA) to chat on Sunday morning.

I'll post an update when more details are available. 

One more day by the grace of God alone,

Thomas B. Grosh IV
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Graduate & Faculty Ministry http://www.groshlink.net/
http://groshlink.net/gallery/1/10_June_Prayer_Calendar.pdf (June prayer calendar)

For Tom & Theresa's work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, direct gifts to "InterVarsity Christian Fellowship" P.O. Box 7895, Madison, WI 53707-7895.  Please enclose a separate piece of paper indicating that the gift is for the work of "Tom Grosh."  On-line giving available at www.intervarsity.org/donate/to/Tom_Grosh

Burgh or Herb

Posted by tom | May 8, 2010

A friend passed along to us Forbes.com names Pittsburgh 'most livable' (Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/3/2010).  Yes, it was a great place to live and engage in campus ministry.  Maybe that's why Theresa's "running back" to participate in Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with her mom on Mother's Day ;-) Hope she enjoys her visit to our old "haunts."

As for the rest of us, if it doesn't rain, I'm heading in a different direction in order to take the kids to the Landis Valley Farm Museum's Herb & Garden Faire.  I truly wouldn't be doing this without the help of my parents!  BTW, the twins love Landis Valley Farm Museum, and I wouldn't be surprised if the younger two do also, it seems to be in the blood which runs in both of our families.  

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official

Posted by tom | Apr 23, 2010

Reminds Theresa of the fun which we had with Odyssey of the Mind in high school.  Those were the memories, she particular remembers how much I talked in the car on the way back from Altoona ;-)  Now that's not much of a surprise, but I had even more to say back in the day -- believe that one?

HT: friend in 'da Burgh. 

World Christian Discipleship (WCD) Program

Posted by tom | Apr 20, 2010

Passed along to me by my friend Miller.  Looks great!  Wish this would have been in motion when I was in the 'da Burgh. 

WCD is a one year program in pittsburgh... live missionally in community, work part time, study, minister in multi-cultural East End ..scott sunquist, of pittsburgh seminary, is the director..

The World Christian Discipleship Program is designed for young university graduates who are interested in discerning and preparing for Christian vocation, regardless of occupation (church planter, lawyer, teacher, pastor, etc.). The program is non-traditional so students should be prepared to live a simple life, live in community, serve the East End communities, and live according to a  religious rule.

The WCD program is located in the East End of Pittsburgh, a multi-cultural area. Participants in the program live in the homes of local church members, work in local businesses, and share in the lives and  experiences of people in East Pittsburgh. The “classroom” is the community: its businesses, homes, parks and schools. Disciples meet in homes for meals, worship, discussion and community building.
Disciples work 15-20 hours per week in local businesses. They are to see themselves as a  missional presence in the East End. In addition they will be volunteering with local ministries (homeless, housing, etc.) and be assigned to a local church plant or a church in redevelopment. A one year commitment is expected.
PS.  It's great to see Scott Sunquist, W. Don McClure Associate Professor of World Mission and Evangelism at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and B.J. Woodworth, lead pastor of Open Door (PCUSA church plant in Pittsburgh's East End), bringing together the World Christian Discipleship Program.  Please forward to those with possible interest.  Note:  Application due by June 1.   

Great Lakes Update

Posted by tom | Mar 27, 2010

While serving on the prayer team at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Spring Leadership Team Meetings, I connected with a number of friends from across the movement.  With regard to Great Lakes, I particularly appreciated the opportunity to

  1. be one of the first at the Spring Meetings to see pictures of Ronen Lewis (born 3/22/2010), i.e., the first grandchild of Fred Bailey, Great Lakes East regional director.  May God the Father richly bless Ronen.  May Ronan truly utter joyful sounds/song to the Lord.
  2. room with York Moore and learn more about his current work with The Price of Life Outreach.
  3. chat with Grove City's College's current campus staff member, i.e., Paul Hassell, regarding the increasing involvement of Missionary Kids (MK's) in the InterVarsity Mission Fellowship (IVMF) chapter of which Theresa and I were members.  He shared that they particularly resonated with a series on multi-cultural ministry, which led to an MK panel for large group.  Excellent idea to bridge multi-cultural, bi-cultural, and cross-cultural ministry, wish I could have been there to hear some of the stories.  Reminded me of the joy of growing in Christ as a member of IVMF.
  4. discuss the Emerging Scholars Network with several interested staff.  Pray for new opportunities to develop in Great Lakes.
PS.  For those connected with InterVarsity Staff in Great Lakes/GFM:  Today, while at a gathering of the Brethren in Christ's Atlantic Conference, I met a couple who knew Christian Anible and Cam Anderson.  They shared memories from several decades back about their time on Michigan Tech and Cedar Campus.  I wish that I would have written down their names! It was a great encouragement to share memories of God's great work through Christian and Cam during their time with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  We miss Christian greatly, but know that his musical gifts are being offered in the presence of our King right now.

Hitting 'da slopes in 'da Burgh?

Posted by tom | Feb 27, 2010

Wow! HT to my friend who posted the link on their blog, inspiring me to pack-up and head back to the Urban slopes, i.e., in my imagination. I'm probably too old to give this a try, but the footage helps me envision how the snowstorm blessed places which I used to trek around near our house and the campus. 

Emerging Scholars at Jubilee 2010

Posted by tom | Feb 26, 2010

In Emerging Scholars at Jubilee 2010 my colleague Mike shares about the connections he made in 'da Burgh last weekend. Pray as he explores next steps in partnership with a number of ministries. I'm expecting that we'll both be back in 'da Burgh for Jubilee 2011. In addition to a reception/meal and various conversations (even interviews), hoping we have a booth to meet/chat with lots of students about the vision of the Emerging Scholars Network.

Time to turn my focus to today's ESN blog post.  Which reminds me, make sure you swing by the read Addressing Our Errors where I share notes from a presentation by a professor/practitioner of family medicine and an encouragment to meditate upon living out the Greatest Commandment as we journey through Lent (and beyond!).

Not just another "Perspectives"

Posted by tom | Jan 26, 2010

Ever have a course which keeps coming back, one which you wonder whether you should have taken? After 15 or so years of such a dilemma in which I've seen Perspectives in the World Christian Movement offered in a number of formats in a variety of venues, I'm hoping to take a 1 week intensive at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  This version is sponsored by my friends at the World Mission Initiative program in connection with the Continuing Education Office at PTS and it's a perfect format for my schedule.  I'll be taking it for graduate credit, but other options include undegraduate credit and certificate.  Note:  it's also required as part of my developing relationship with Brethren in Christ World Missions

So, anyone from Central PA interested in a roadtrip? Any friends from 'da Burgh signing up? Hoping to see lots of friends when I'm in town.

Town vs. gown in 'da Burgh Part II

Posted by tom | Dec 17, 2009

Council puts tuition tax proposal on hold -- Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, December 17, 2009.

Comment:  We will be stretched to develop creative resolutions to trying circumstances during this economically challenging time.  Praying for wise decisions which seek to bless the larger community and not just specific institutional or governmental concerns.

Two recent related posts: Town vs. gown in 'da Burgh, Why I Am Hopeful It won't be easy for us -- and that's good


Town vs. gown in 'da Burgh

Posted by tom | Dec 16, 2009

On Wednesday, the City Council is expected to give preliminary approval to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s proposal for a 1 percent tuition tax on students attending college in Pittsburgh, which he says will raise $16.2 million in annual revenue that is needed to pay pensions for retired city employees. Final Council action will be on Monday.

The tax would be the first of its kind in the nation, and other cities are watching closely as they try to find ways to close their own budget gaps. -- Pittsburgh Sets Vote on Adding Tax on Tuition (Ian Urbina, NY Times, December 15, 2009)

Praying for the town/gown relationship in 'da Burgh and for its impact upon many other institutions/localities.  I'm sure the legislature and/or the courts will have something to say before the end of this controversy.  Whatever the outcome, local government and institutions of higher education are facing complex budget concerns as they care for their populations and fiscal solvency.

Note:  Also read Ravenstahl pushes vote on tuition tax (Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, December 15, 2009)

11/19 Did the Puritans Create Modern Science?

Posted by tom | Nov 18, 2009

For those in Pittsburgh, don't miss ...

Did the Puritans Create Modern Science?
University of Pittsburgh Veritas Conversations Forum

Did the Puritans Create Modern for Science?

Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009
Time: 12:10pm - 1:30pm
Location: 837 William Pitt Union

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, recalling images of pilgrims in black clothes serving up a harvest meal. What does the Mayflower have to do with modern science? The answer lies in their English homeland during the most turbulent period of British history. This talk will present the many ways in which historians have suggested that Puritans played a essential role in the scientific revolution.

Dr. Jason M. Rampelt is a research fellow at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund's College, Cambridge. Since relocating to Pittsburgh in 2008, he has been a visiting scholar in History and Philosophy of Science at Pitt. Dr. Rampelt's writing to date has focused primarily on the relationship between theology and science in the lives of past scientists from 1600 to the present.

Dwelling House Savings and Loan

Posted by tom | Oct 12, 2009
HT to Robin for links to the story of Dwelling House Savings and Loan, http://www.mellenpress.com/mellenpress.cfm?bookid=5500&pc=9, and the story of its demise, http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/business/s_638429.html.  Difficult to read of Dwelling House Savings and Loan's demise.  The topic appears to have come up in a campus conversation regarding Economic Justice and the Spirit of Innovation (Edmund Phelps, First Things, October 2009).  Below's a quote I found of interest in Economic Justice and the Spirit of Innovation

The issue of morality in economics is neither the fairness of income distribution nor the stability of financial systems. It is how human institutions can be shaped to correspond to human nature — to man’s nature as an innovator. ... Capitalism is the only economic system thus far discovered that allows human beings to realize their nature to innovate, discover, and take risks. Because human freedom is a good thing, capitalism is in this respect a good system. It is good apart from its instrumental function of presenting opportunities for income and consumption.

CMU opens new CS Building

Posted by tom | Sep 21, 2009

At Carnegie Mellon U., a Gleaming Computer-Science Complex Worthy of M.C. Escher (Lawrence Biemiller, Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/21/2009). A must visit the next time I'm in 'da Burgh.  Anyone with stories/pictures to share? BTW, Bill Gates, major donor, will be speaking tomorrow at the opening.

July 09 CMU CS Building under construction.  Photo by Tom Grosh.      The formal opening of the Gates-Hillman Complex takes place Tuesday. The Hillman Center is on the left, the Gates on the right. (Chronicle photographs by Lawrence Biemiller)

  On left:  My photo from July 09.  On right: Lawrence Biemiller's photo for the Chronicle of Higher Education. Biemiller's photo along with others posted here.

ESN Week in Review: Numbers Edition

Posted by tom | Sep 11, 2009
Do any of my Carnegie Mellon University friends have resource suggestions to add or comments to make regarding ESN's Week in Review: Numbers Edition ;-)

Quick Ministry Update

Posted by tom | Jul 15, 2009
I've been going non-stop for almost an entire week.  Pray for a time to rest. 
  1. God the Father renewed connections w/His Body in 'da Burgh.  As always, the Spirit opened some surprise connections ;-)
  2. The Lord provided safe travel there/back. To God be the glory!
  3. Pray for Lily's complete healing.  The fever has passed, but she still has a diaper rash along with Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.
  4. On Monday, Theresa had a great day out w/her sister and mom.  I had the blessing of 2 young women from our local congregation helping with care of the 4 girls.  If you want to know about Theresa's shopping run, drop her a note ;-)
  5. On Tuesday, I had a several hour conversation w/a representative of the Christian Medical & Dental Association. Lord willing, this fall will include a deeper connection with their work at PSU-Hershey Medical Center.  Note: Pray for our whole family to be good hosts for Christian Medical Society's July BBQ/Social next Wednesday.
  6. Office: over the past two days I've assembled the IKEA shelving, emptied some boxes, & hung some pics. Wow!  I'm starting to "feel" like I am "home," at least for a time. ... Come Lord Jesus, Come.
  7. Year-end financial numbers should be completed by the end of the week.  God has provided!  He alone is our true refuge and strength.
  8. If you're not subscribed, periodically check Emerging Scholars Network Blog for new posts/comments.
  9. If you're in Central PA, don't forget that we're having a Prayer Gathering for the Fall Mission on Thursday, June 30, 7pm, Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ.  For more information, drop us an email.
  10. Gotta get Lily.  She just woke up from her nap and Eden's being "a little mommy."  More later ...

Back to 'da Burgh!

Posted by tom | Jul 8, 2009

Please pray for my weekend visit to Pittsburgh.  While in town, I'll reconnect with several local congregations, friends, and donors.  Please pray that these meetings will be fruitful. With regard to the local congregations, I am visiting Memorial Park Church's Saturday 6 pm worship and Allegheny Center C&MA's 11:10 am Sunday worship. If you're from one of these congregations (or just in the area) and would like to connect, drop me a note.  On Saturday, I'll hang out at Memorial Park's Clayton Center after the service.  On Sunday, I'll catch a 12:15 pm lunch at the Union Place Cafe' before heading to the 1 pm Missions Team Meeting.

Please also pray for Theresa and the girls during my absence. She'll pick up Ellen and Hayley from Kenbrook on Friday ... then take the 4 girls to visit her family's cabin.  At the cabin, she'll hang out with her parents, her sister, and her sister's 3 boys ;-)

The Groshes take 'da Burgh by storm ;-)

Posted by tom | Jun 5, 2009

Pray for our family's visit to Pittsburgh this weekend.  We leave on Friday and return Monday afternoon.  The schedule is full as we'll reconnect with friends, former neighbors, students, alumni, and donors. On Sunday we'll worship with a partner congregation where Tom will share a few words and our family with have lunch with interested members of the congregation. Monday morning Eden will visit a facial nerve therapist to assess progress and hopefully come home with some exercises to practice.  Note:  If you're in 'da Burgh and want to see us, drop us an email or call on Tom's cell.


Summer visits to 'da Burgh

Posted by tom | May 16, 2009

Lord willing ...

  1. Our family will visit friends, a donor congregation, and a facial neuorological therapist (for Eden) over the course of June 5-8.  Pray for 'quantifiable' improvement and clarity in next steps with regard to Eden's care.
  2. Tom will visit friends, support team members, and Allegheny Center C&MA Missions Committee on July 11-12.
If you're in 'da Burgh and desire to connect, let us know.

Under Construction

Posted by tom | Apr 3, 2009
Updates coming shortly, a growing family is catching up w/me & guiding the present. ...

InterVarsity's seeking a new IT Services Director

Posted by tom | Feb 16, 2009

The search process is beginning for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's new Information Technology Services Director. This position will provide leadership and management to leverage the effective use of enterprise architecture and technology which supports and enhances achievement of the Fellowship's operational and strategic goals.

Preferred candidates will have an advanced degree in Information Technology and ten years of experience managing IT systems and personnel. Anyone have interest or know someone who would be a good candidate? Carnegie Mellon alum? On-line info/application here

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