Welcome to conversations regarding living out the Biblical Story in the home, around the block, on campus, in the culture at large, and in God's creation. Groshlink seeks to give you a glimpse into the window of our heart, soul, mind, and strength as members of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministry (GFM), shapers of material for the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN), and advisers for Penn State Hershey Christian Medical Society (CMS)/Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA).

Grosh Family 2014

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Tom's spiritual autobiography, entitled One more day when you can live your life, can be read here and a summary of his Next Steps Paradigm here. In addition to posts on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog, he has developed Graduate & Faculty Ministry's Campus Resources from IVP (2014-2015 Academic Year Edition) and two essays (Loving God in the Flesh in the Real World and Scripture Study of John 3:1-21) hosted on the main website.

Tom's enjoys speaking on One more day (i.e., walking through difficult days by the grace of God), High School to College Transition, and various topics related to following/proclaiming Christ in higher education (see links above). He's also presented on Addressing the Skeptic, C.S. Lewis (various topics including his life/scholarship, Mere Christianity, Narnia, the Ransom Trilogy, Screwtape Letters), Lent Reflections on "Evil & the Justice of God", Practicing a Christ-Centered Christmas, Prayer, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, Small Group Leader Training, Questioning Evangelism, and most anything on the two blogs ;-) To get in touch, drop us an email: tgrosh4 at groshlink dot net.

Church partners include:
Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ, Home and Foreign Missions Society at First Presbyterian Church (Pittsburgh, PA), Manheim Brethren-Christ.
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